• Latest News

    • Stitching & Packing Unit

      Nawab has 100 single and double neddles stitching machines with automatic insert and shrink warp & cartons packaging machines.

      Date : Wed 17 Feb 2021
    • Our Facilities

      Nawab Fabrics weaving unit is equipped with Picanol & Sulzer Shuttles Looms, Toyoda Power Looms, Auto Looms, Volkmann 07 Twisters Machines and Stitching Unit.

      Date : Thu 24 Jan 2013
    • Dyeing & Waterproofing / Fireproofing

      Nawab Fabrics has dyeing & waterproofing unit is one of the best indigenous Dyeing Unit, with adequate manufacturing capacity to meet the customer requirement of quick supplies.

      Date : Thu 24 Jan 2013
  • CEO Message

    As CEO of Nawab Fabrics, I would like to personally extend an invitation to apply for the opportunities to do business with us. We provide the goods with the short period of time and ensure International Standard. We have Ready-To-Deliver the stock immediately anywhere in the world.

    We are a caring company, we care about our customers, and we care about our vendors. If you are a customer or a potential customer, please be assured that we are constantly striving to supply you product in a manner that aids your ability to get your project done as quickly and painlessly as possible. You have better things to do than worry about whether your product will be available when you are ready. We are grateful for your help and support, and we look forward to making your companies even more successful.

    We are rich in employee talent and passion. This talent and passion, combined with our corporate culture of excellence, makes Nawab Fabrics is a dynamic, growing, legacy company that continues to thrive in the most challenging economic conditions. Our client's challenges are treated with urgency and respect, and we work relentlessly to meet or exceed their expectations. We've demonstrated that we are a stable, growing, financially sound company that creates abundant opportunities for our team members to realize their potential.

    We can achieve this through worker's sincere Participation and their workmanship and committed to provide our valued customers a product satisfaction with unmatchable satisfaction with unmatchable services.

    We are devoted to supply better products and maintain on the International standard, and try to fulfill their Requirements under one composite unit. We are committed to provide our valued Customers a Product.

    After you've reviewed the depth and breadth of our company, I'm sure you'd be proud to be associated with Nawab Fabrics.

    I am always reachable and look forward to your comments and questions. Thank you for investing your time reading this.