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    • Stitching & Packing Unit

      Nawab has 100 single and double neddles stitching machines with automatic insert and shrink warp & cartons packaging machines.

      Date : Wed 17 Feb 2021
    • Our Facilities

      Nawab Fabrics weaving unit is equipped with Picanol & Sulzer Shuttles Looms, Toyoda Power Looms, Auto Looms, Volkmann 07 Twisters Machines and Stitching Unit.

      Date : Thu 24 Jan 2013
    • Dyeing & Waterproofing / Fireproofing

      Nawab Fabrics has dyeing & waterproofing unit is one of the best indigenous Dyeing Unit, with adequate manufacturing capacity to meet the customer requirement of quick supplies.

      Date : Thu 24 Jan 2013
  • Single Fly

    Marks: Single Fly Single Fold
    Suitable Sizes: 3 x 4 M (12 M2), 4 x 4 M (16 M2)
    Specifications: Central Height : 2.00 M
    Wall Height: 0.90 M
    Material: Outer Fold of Heavy Water proof rot proof Cotton Canvas Weight 420 GSM2 (+/- 5%)
    Ground Sheet: PVC Coated
    Shipping Weight: 4M x 3M weight 38kg approx, 4M x 4M weight 40kg approx
    Price: As per your request